How it works


VEETAMINE main goal is to provide all stakeholders with a powerful, complete, unique, and standardized data source and added-value tool to fulfill their operational functions in the Vending Machine industry.

With just one single and non-invasive solution, clients can efficiently and seamlessly deliver required services. Let it be for stock planning and refill, machine maintenance, revenue recognition, reconciliation and COGS booking, the system delivers a quick, stable and future-proof solution directly through stable APIs in the user hands, 24/7.

Besides ensuring first-class security, stability (with data immutability, trx logs, etc.), and scalability, our system - by design - could leverage disruptive technology opportunities enabling targeted advertising, one-to-one promotions and innovative incentive and loyalty programs right at the PoS (Point of Sale) or directly on our white-label App. By making things better and faster, VEETAMINE contributes to the growth and shapes the future of vending.

How it works

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