Joined VEETAMINE in October 2021

Our mission at Eversys is to create ‘true espresso with a touch’. We do this through the optimisation of technology and blend it with traditional barista customs. We believe that Espresso is the true essence of the bean, and our mission is to reveal it, drink after drink.


Joined VEETAMINE in October 2021

Aequator AG has been developing and producing high-quality and reliable coffee and hot beverage machines in Arbon since 1933. Already in its third generation, the company stands for innovation, tradition and Swiss quality. It employs over 80 people at three locations and exports to over 20 countries around the world.


Joined VEETAMINE in November 2021

For over 100 years, Franke has thrived on innovative engineering and outstanding design. Not only do we offer excellent products, but also tailor-made solutions for the complex needs of our customers. Everything we do should be unique – from the products we develop to the way we deal with our customers, partners, and employees.


Joined VEETAMINE in November 2021

We manufacture and sell professional coffee machines in over 115 countries worldwide through the Italian headquarter, 7 branches, 2 R&D centers, and a global sales and service network. Our product range includes the traditional Rancilio espresso machines, the Egro fully automatic coffee machines, a “Home Line” and coffee grinders. As part of Ali Group, one of the largest global leaders in the foodservice equipment industry, we are an highly competitive industrial operator on the international scene.


Joined VEETAMINE in February 2022

The company first began in 1967 in the garden of the Adriani house, then in 1968 FAS was created. Originating from the inspired intuition of its founder, Antonio Adrian, with his ten drum single motor vending machine, FAS is still in the Adriani family and is synonymous with excellence, quality product research and, most importantly, service. The company is an undisputed leader in a niche market and the brand is continually evolving, making FAS one of the most important European players in the Vending sector. Now, for the new generation, the present and future of the FAS brand present challenges to be confronted with the same enthusiasm and passion as ever.

RHEA Vendors

Joined VEETAMINE in March 2022

More than sixty years in the vending market has taught Rheavendors that automatic retailing is more than just a transaction. It is instead about trust. The increasing technological, economic and logistical complexities of today’s vending industry haven’t made Rheavendors lose sight of that basic truth.

This clarity of vision is in large part owed to the fact that, unlike competitors who are owned by multinational conglomerates, Rheavendors has always been and continues to be a family business. Our clients can rely on the continuity of vision and moral integrity passed down from Aldo Majer, the founder, to his son Carlo, who guided Rheavendors into the 21st century. While the corporate mentality tends to refer to individuals as ‘human resources’, we call them family.

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