How It Works

At VEETAMINE®, our primary objective is to furnish all stakeholders in the vending machine industry with a robust, comprehensive, unique, and standardized data source alongside value-added tools to streamline their operational functions.

With our single, non-intrusive solution, clients can efficiently deliver necessary services, whether it's for stock planning and refill, machine maintenance, revenue recognition, reconciliation, COGS booking, and more. Our system provides a quick, stable, and future-proof solution through stable APIs, accessible 24/7.

In addition to ensuring top-notch security, stability (including data immutability, transaction logs, etc.), and scalability, our system is designed to harness disruptive technology opportunities. This enables targeted advertising, one-to-one promotions, and innovative incentive and loyalty programs directly at the Point of Sale (PoS) or through our white-label app.

By enhancing efficiency and speed, VEETAMINE contributes to the growth and evolution of the vending industry.


With VEETAMINE you can manage and trigger all the data available from your connected machines.

You can use it directly within your VMS solution (without any additional work on your side) and if you don't have any VMS solution you can use the VEETAMINE dashboard included for every client.

Additionally, if you use an ERP or any other solution for logistic, cost center, you can have all the data consolidate there as well.

Use case ONE (Free vends)

If your machine park consists of newly installed machines from any of our partners operating in free vend mode or with separate cashier/POS, connectivity for remote tracking and management is all you need.


Get connected

-Native connectivity for your machines..
-Check our partners list for compatibility.


Apply for VEETAMINE®

-Cloud-connect all your machines in a single click.
-Yes, it's plug and play.



Enjoy the magic.
-Access all data through the VEETAMINE ecosystem, including your favoritetools like VEGA, via the dashboard.

-From day one, benefit from sales data consolidation, reporting, detailed consumption metrics, maintenance triggers, logistic integrations, alerts/notifications, and deep reporting with maintenance planning, all in (almost) real-time and bi-directional.

Use case TWO (With cash and cashless payments)

If your machine park includes machines from our partners and requires the use of existing MDB/Exec payment solutions or modern cashless payment methods like mobile apps, QR codes, or NFC:


Get connected

Get your machines natively connected.
You can check with your machine supplier and with us directly visiting our partners list here


Decide wether you need a payment device or not.

- Cloud-connect your machines in a single click..
- Reuse your MDB/Exec devices with connected machines for classic payments..
- MDB/Exec features and compatibility are automatically translated and available as soon as the machine is online.


Enjoy your machine park.

Enjoy the magic.
-Access all data through the VEETAMINE ecosystem, including your favoritetools like VEGA, via the dashboard..
-Benefit from the same comprehensive features and benefits as in Use Case One.

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