About us


Our root team is made of entrepreneur-minded established professionals with a solid experience and know-how in vending machine, office coffee service and convenient food industry, coupled with a thorough expertise in IT (from electronics components up to digital innovation and disruptive technologies).

Besides co-founders' expertise and track record, we were able to rally great people sharing the same excitement about VEETAMINE disruptive approach. Have a detailed look at our core contributors’ bio: WHO WE ARE

We are qualified to develop and keep VEETAMINE efficient and consistent with industry requirements. We have demonstratred our ability to deliver thanks to our MVP (Minimum Viable Product), currently being showcased to key players. And, more important when it comes to a tight "time to market" roadmap, our team is capable to bring our solution to product launch stage within a challenging time frame (12 to 18 months) – execution is what matters!

IoT for Vending is at an early stage, and we do understand the required effort and collaboration to achieve our goal. Still, the industry digitalization and standardization is not an option but a must considering current enormous inefficiencies and field operating costs. With active and already demonstrated fruitful collaboration with machine makers partners, we have now a clear vision of what our solution can deliver as a unique, stable, and genuinely transformative ecosystem.

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