Vision and mission


Our vision

The world of vending or automated retail, encompassing freestanding machines, table-top coffee machines, micro market retail corners, as well as workplace, public or on-the-go convenient food locations, is facing a crucial challenge.

Either relevant stakeholders within this industry evolve, adapt and embrace the full scope of digital capabilities offered by available technology, or they’ll keep on facing rough times in terms of operations efficiency (from field services up to heavy non-automated admin. and reconciliation processes) and bottom-line profitability.

To shape a better and prosperous future, we strongly believe and promote the following industry game-changing principles / axioms:

Our mission

Thanks to VEETAMINE, we'll make it happen. Our mission is clear: to remove current frictions and industry fragmentation by bringing to market a much needed standardized solution for the benefits of all players, including the end consumer. This is what we need to initiate and achieve to enable the transformative roadmap onto full-scale retail future and boarderless opportunities.

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