Key features


VEETAMINE core components

  • Public RESTFUL APIs gateway
  • Securized Cloud dashboard
  • End-user device integration (mobile phone / tablet / wearable object, etc.)
  • VTM-App "white label" and "public source code" (free and available for all)
  • VTM-Pay (payment bridging) embedded within the VTM-App
  • VTM-PWA (Progressive Web App)


Services at a glance

  • Real-time service data (machine technical data)
  • Real-time extended sales data (machine products sold + related data such as timestamps, time to deliver, etc.)
  • Sales and related logistics transactions complying with standard practices in retail - including basket sales (1 vend with multiple products)
  • Real-time reporting system
  • Automated stock managements
  • Automated maintenance services
  • Alerts – machine status
  • Cashless payments
  • Consumers’ payments and transactions without physical device (installed on vending machines)
  • Smart access to proprietary data
  • Highly secured – ISO27001 compliant
  • API for legacy, current and future 3rd party integration
  • ERP interoperability – API based
  • Highly scalable – supporting heavy daily transactions per machine from the start + ensuring storage capacity
  • Operator or business client wallet capabilities enabled (with very low payment trx fees)
  • Standalone operations ensured (when offline)
  • No CapEx, only OpEx - based on a subscription model or SaaS
  • Worldwide access
  • ZERO impact on existing machine makers' IT infrastructure (in terms of cost)
  • And much more to come...

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